Newport Beach


Rachel Daly, AMFT

Psychotherapist, Gottman Certified, EMDR Trained

About Rachel

Rachel Daly, AMFT, is a psychotherapist who works with families, couples, and individuals looking to foster strong, fulfilling relationships while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. Rachel has an extensive background in trauma counseling and believes that past trauma, either singular or complex, has the ability to chronically impact decisions, relationships, and ways in which individuals interact with the world.

Rachel specializes in working with high-conflict couples and families struggling to stay together. She treats couples who are recovering from past or recent trauma or who struggle with addictions, external stressors, life transitions, or betrayal. Additionally, Rachel has extensive experience working with individuals and families impacted by dramatic childhood and relationship trauma. She also helps people navigating divorce so they can redefine their families to create meaningful relationships in new and lasting ways.

Rachel believes that her clients are the experts of their own lives. By incorporating narrative therapy into her work, she guides her clients toward processing their emotional experiences and rehearsing new responses to potential situations. She also helps her clients observe and heal from the unrecognized patterns, fears, and habits that inhibit them from having fulfilling relationships and lives. In addition to narrative therapy, Rachel is trained in Gottman therapy and incorporates elements of cognitive-behavioral theory, attachment theory, acceptance and commitment theory, mindfulness, and spirituality into her therapy practice.

Rachel is light-hearted, warm, and compassionate, and believes that authenticity and transparency helps create a bond and builds trust with her clients. She values creating a safe, non-judgmental space that allows her clients to speak candidly and honestly without being weighed down by feelings of guilt or shame.

Rachel earned a Master’s Degree in psychology from Pepperdine University’s Aliento track, which trains professionals from a multicultural perspective. She also studied at Pepperdine University to train in Dispute Resolution, which informs her work with couples. Rachel also worked and studied at the Pepperdine Counseling Center and underwent extensive training in narrative theory.

When she isn’t in the therapy office, you can find Rachel at home in Newport Beach with her three daughters and three dogs. Rachel also teaches graduate-level courses on interpersonal skills and multicultural dynamics at Pepperdine University and travels in her free time.