Newport Beach


Pia Danisi, AMFT

Psychotherapist | Life Coach

About Danisi

Pierina known as ‘Pia’ Danisi, loves being a Psychotherapist and Life Coach as she enjoys helping people figure out the ‘how’ in everyday challenges whether it’s regarding personal relationships, social challenges and business/work obstacles that are making you feel stuck.  Pia’s goal is to help you maximize your potential and reach your desired results.  Working together as a team is important to set some goals and identify what fears might be holding you back.  It’s always ok to be afraid but never allow fear to stop you from moving forward in life.  Pia’s expertise will help guide you in achieving personal growth in any area of your life so you can start living your best life today.  

Pia has worked globally with diverse populations, helping many understand the power behind our words and how it can impact how we approach life’s strategies.  Learning how to overcome our limiting beliefs and looking at how we can identify and change our negative patterns is crucial to being able to move past the struggles and into fulfilling our life’s desires.  She will help you to have clarity, isolate and reframe negative thinking patterns and devise a specific plan of action that will help you achieve your personal and interpersonal goals.  She is experienced in working with people who experience loneliness/isolation, sadness, anger, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions which are related to family, work, or social challenges.  Allow her to help you rediscover your true authentic self and move forward in life with passion.

Pia has completed her credentials in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage, Family Therapy, and Professional Clinical Counseling at Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education & Psychology.  She is currently working on getting certified as a Relationship & Sex expert by the Somatica Institute which is accredited by the American Board of Sexology and CAMFT:  California Association of Marriage Family Therapy.  The Somatic Method combines talk therapy with experiential practices to help clients expand their skills and beliefs around intimacy.  This process is key to changing existing habits, uncovering your true self, and unlocking a more fulfilling sex life and deeper relationships.

Pia has worked with those suffering from substance & alcohol use disorder with complex trauma. She has been an integral part of the treatment and recovery process for many individuals. She brings her compassion, lived experience and empathy to collaborate with each individual and provides support during and after treatment using techniques and skills grounded in science.

When Pia is not working or studying, you can usually find her enjoying her family and the many rescued animals they have which include dogs, reptiles, Artemis the ‘therapy’ rat and horses.