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Dr. Victoria Chan, ND

About Dr. Chan

Dr. Victoria Chan is a licensed Naturopathic Medical Doctor who specializes in mental health. She pinpoints then treats root causes (instead of only suppressing symptoms) with the goal of helping people regain stability, be their most effective selves, and feel their best.

She’s medically trained in both pharmaceuticals and natural methods (like nutrition, supplements, herbal medicine, and lifestyle counseling) to combine the best of modern science and natural medicine.

Whether your goal is to avoid, lessen, or optimize your medications, Dr. Victoria Chan will create a customized plan for your specific goals, needs, and preferences.

Dr. Chan’s Unique Medical Process:

Dr. Chan aims to redefine the quality of mental health care and create what she wished existed when healing her own health. She’s a doctor who also personally struggled with (and overcame) her mental health — depression, anxiety, disordered eating. She is also passionate about cultivating care that is free of judgments and educating her patients so that they are empowered to make the best decisions for their health.

She’s a Board Member of PsychANP (The Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians) and the creator of The Banish Anxiety Method®. Dr. Chan earned her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from the leading integrative medical school Bastyr University and her Bachelors of Psychology from the renown international institution The University of Hong Kong. Besides research in Clinical, Social, and Cognitive Psychology, Dr. Chan also has vast volunteer experience within organizations around the world that supports mental and cognitive health.

Beyond her clinical activities, you will find her speaking at various mental health summits, universities, and podcasts. Her other life passion is learning of other cultures (traveling specifically to different edges of this world to hear diverse stories and continue to humble herself).

Dr. Chan’s Services:

Initial Consultation

Goal of this visit

  • Discover your underlying causes and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Before this visit (included in visit’s fee)

  • Dr. Chan will do 3 hours of analysis and research for your specific case based on your extensive questionnaire.

During this visit (90 mins)

  • Thoroughly analyze and puzzle together your medical concerns, symptoms, history, lifestyle, previous labs/imaging, and other contributing factors.
  • Review your medications/supplements and discuss how to optimize them.
  • Select strategic lab work to better understand your root causes. 
  • Organize and prioritize your treatment options.
  • Detailed explanation of pros/cons of each treatment (so you can select the best treatment for your needs).
  • Collaboratively discuss and develop your customized treatment plan.
  • Start your initial phase of care (May include: supplements, nutrition, lifestyle, herbs, pharmaceuticals, or referrals to other specialists).

Before your next visit, Dr. Chan will (included in this visit’s fee)

  • Guide you through obtaining lab work
  • Analyze your lab results
  • Research for your specific case
  • Draft a detailed strategy for your next treatment phase (to discuss during your next visit)


  • $600


Goal of this visit

  • Optimize your plan so that you’re on the right track towards your ideal health
  • Maintain success to prevent problems from returning

During this visit

  • Evaluate your progress
  • Troubleshoot changes or roadblocks
  • Tailor your treatment plan for optimal outcomes


  • $275 for 30 minutes or $375 for 60 minutes